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Valcom V-2926 Optional Card (V-2926) #21650
Valcom V-2926 Optional Card
SKU: V-2926

Valcom V-2926 Optional Card



V-2926 - Valcom V-2926 Optional Card for V-2924A Talkback Intercom System

New: $311.00

V-2926 Talkback Intercom System

    The Valcom Enhanced Feature Option Card is provided with a Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP based software programming tool designed to interface with the system. The V-2924A system components offer many safety features in addition to ease of use.

Valcom V-2926 Option Card

  • Up to 4 user custom page groups
  • Enhanced caller ID
  • Programmed to identify classroom or doorphone station that is calling
  • Flexible station dialing numbering using programmable architectural numbers
  • Provides enhanced caller ID for programming names of calling party
  • Windows 95, 98,NT,2000 and XP Programming using standard PC or remote modem
Part Number: V-2926
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