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Valcom V-1022C Wall Speaker (V-1022C) #21695
Valcom V-1022C Wall Speaker

SKU: V-1022C

Valcom V-1022C Wall Speaker



V-1022C - Valcom V1022C Wall Speaker, Walnut colored, Light Brown Weave, One-Way Amplified

New: $65.00

Valcom V-1022C

The Valcom V-1022C is a traditional woodgrain finished cabinetry blends well with most environments, one way wall mounted paging speaker.

It is light brown with a light brown open weave grille. consumes -1 VPU (Valcom Power Unit). Built-In Amplifier

Valcom V1022C Wall Speaker:

  • Easy Install
  • Built-In Amplifier
  • Built-In Volume Control
  • Corridor Speakers Produce Bi-Directional
  • Sound for Long Hallways
  • White is Ideal for Medical or Laboratory
  • Black is Inconspicuous On Dark Surfaces
  • One-Way Wall One-Way Corner One-Way Corridor
  • Talkback Wall Talkback Corner Talkback Corridor
Part number: V-1022C
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