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Valcom V-A2416 Wired Analog Clock (V-A2416) #22173
Valcom V-A2416 Wired Analog Clock
SKU: V-A2416

Valcom V-A2416 Wired Analog Clock



V-A2416 - Valcom V-A2416 16-Inch Round Clock, Black Surface Mount, 24V

New: $140.00

Valcom V-A2416

16 Round Analog Clock offers an innovative 2-wire correction which provides instantaneous time corrections following power outages and daylight saving time. A single cable pull may be used to connect a clock, a speaker and a call switch thus saving thousands of dollars in dedicated clock cabling.

Valcom V-A2416 Wired Analog Clock

  • 2-Wire Digital Communication Protocol: Provides immediate time correction following power failures and time changes
  • Low Energy Circuit Design: Allows for the use of inexpensive Category 3/5/6 cable
  • Automatic communication protocol selection
  • Microprocessor-based movements recognize both 58th and 59th minute sync-wire
  • May be used with other master clock systems
  • Durable, long-lasting polystyrene dials
  • Metal case
  • Built-in self diagnostics
  • Shatter-proof
  • Average Current Consumption: 15 mA at 24VDC
Part Number: V-A2416
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