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Valcom V-2927 Clock Control Card (V-2927) #22314
Valcom V-2927 Clock Control Card

SKU: V-2927

Valcom V-2927 Clock Control Card



V-2927 - Valcom V-2927 Clock Control Card For The V-2924A

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Valcom V-2927

The V-2927 Clock Control Card is an optional plug-in card designed for use with the V-2924A Talkback Intercom System with a V-2928 Option Card. It provides correction and control functions for various impulse and synchronous clocks.

The V-2927 also provides a digital output used with the V-DCPI, Digital Clock Protocol Interface, to provide time correction data to Valcom wired and wireless clocks. Programming of various clock types is performed via Windows compatible Programming Tool.

The V-2927 requires the use of the V-CIO Clock Interface Board when used with mechanical time clocks.

Valcom V2927 Clock Control Card

  • Valcom Digital Output
  • Two clock ports, independently programmable
  • 24 mechanical clock types supported (see code list on next page for types)
  • Manual clock advance (operation dependent on clock types), dial code accessible
  • Programmable adjustment for daylight savings time (DST) (operation dependent on clock types)
  • Automatic clock correction after time update
  • Automatic clock correction after power disruption
  • Windows Programming Tool
Part Number: V-2927
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